Miscellaneous Pack Updates

2014 District Pinewood Derby results are in - http://www.senecawaterways.org/2014-district-pinewood-derbt-results-are-in/

The Scout shop is moving, prior to the move they are having a 20% off everything (excluding advancements) sale Monday, May 12th to Friday May 23 2014.

Twilight Camp 2014 – Knights of the Roundtable.    Monday June 23rd thru 26th, from 5:00pm to 8:30pm.  http://www.senecawaterways.org/camping/cubs/cstc/   NOTE:  This is NOT an overnight camp.

Red wings - Scout Sleepover 7:05pm June 28, 2014 - http://www.milb.com/documents/8/4/6/69233846/2014BoyScoutSleepover_zl7gvvir.pdf

Cub Scout Adventure Camp – http://www.senecawaterways.org/camping/cubs/csac/ 

Scout Days at Darien Lake – June 14th-28 one day tickets $17.99 - http://www.senecawaterways.org/events/darien-lake-scout-days-2/    Darienlake.com Promo code SENECAWAYS

Scout Days at Seabreeze – June 23rd through July 6th. $17.99 – NOT Valid July 4th buy online at Seabreeze.com Promo code 5901 -http://www.senecawaterways.org/events/seabreeze-scout-days-2/

2014 Pinewood Derby Results

Hello Pack 341 Families,

Congratulations to all of the Scouts and Siblings who participated in the 2014 Pack 341 Pinewood Derby.  You are all Champions in my mind!

Below are the official winners of the races and design awards.  Attached is the results for each scout, grouped by den.  the nature of the scoring system is such that lower "points" is a better score/performance.

Den Champions (will advance to Towpath District Race of Champions):

2014 Derby Results.png


1st Place: Charlie T.

2nd Place: Joey S.


1st Place: Alexander U.

2nd Place: Erik Z.


1st Place: Ian Z.

2nd Place: Patrick S.

Weblos I's:

1st Place: John S.

2nd Place: Gabriel S.

Weblos II's:

1st Place: Henry B.

2nd Place: Sam B.

Pack Champions (determined by "finals"- races between Den champions)

1st Place: John S.

2nd Place: Charlie T.

3rd Place: Gabriel S.

Design Awards:

Funniest: Josh B.

Most Creative: Ren P. and Nate H.

Most Scout Spirit: Joey S.

Congratulations again, to all who participated!

Mike Scharf

Cubmaster, Pack 341

Pinewood Derby Speed Clinic

Pack 341 families,

Our meeting this week will be a "Pinewood Derby Speed Clinic".    We will have scouts and parent leaders sharing tips for designing your car, making it faster, and reviewing the rules, pre-race procedures and awards. 

We are looking forward to spirited sharing.


If your scout has a favorite car or cars from past years, please bring a couple in a shoe box to show off.   

If they want to write on an 8.5x11 sheet of white paper why the car is special (Winner, Funniest, Scout Spirit Winner, my Tiger Cub Car - something short) that is a welcome bonus, not required.

The meeting is 7pm in the MCE Cafeteria.  Hope to see you there.


Cubmaster, Pack 341

Pack Meeting, Tuesday November 19th


Hello Pack 341 Families,

First I would like to thank Elizabeth Kinney for all of her efforts on the Buffalo Science Museum Camp-in this past weekend.  As everyone who attended can attest it was a great time.  Thank you, Elizabeth!

Next I want to remind everyone about the Pack meeting this Tuesday, November 19, at 7pm.  

We are meeting in the Sanctuary at the Pittsford First Presbyterian Church, and will be awarding the new scouts their Bobcat award followed by each Den presenting the song and skit they have prepared.

It should be a great time and I look forward to seeing you there!


Mike Scharf

Cubmaster, Pack 341