Some Reminders for this weekend's Naval Yard Overnight

A few quick reminders for those that have already signed up for the Naval Yard trip this weekend.

Driving directions are here. Parking is available at the end of Marine Dr. across Erie Street. Lots of information about the overnight can be found here, including:

  • What to Bring
  • What Not to Bring
  • Procedures for the mandatory fire drill
  • Code of Conduct

Additionally, everyone attending must bring a filled out copy of their insurance card and the BSA medical form (parts A and B) for both adults and children (don't forget the siblings!). This is the same form needed for other BSA activities like Camp Cutler, so keep a copy. Also, bring some weather appropriate apparel because there are some activities out on deck.

Plan to arrive around 16:00 (4pm) on Saturday. The itinerary is linked. We are free for self-guided tours at 08:30 on Sunday. We need to have our gear stowed in our cars by 10:00, but we can stay as long as we like.


Challenge Trophy Camporee

Saturday October 18th,  at Camp Babcock-Hovey(Ovid, NY).  This is a huge event, and everyone I talked to says it is AWESOME.  The event is a weekend camp out for the Boy Scouts and a day event for the Cub Scouts.   

Here is the overview - "CUBS: – Of all ages. Bring your entire family with you on a Day Pass!

Program events are available for cubs of all ages. Parents and siblings may attend as well and enjoy all the CTC has to offer. A Day Pass allows the youth to participate in the 550 events providing the individual event is “age appropriate”.  Day Pass Patches include the large 16th CTC Patch and an Oval Day Pass Patch with a button loop.

Cubs are eligible to earn Program Patches as per the Event Card requirements. The 7 Program patches are included in the Day Pass Fee and can be earned by Day Pass attendees are shown below. Each person can get up to 9 total patches on a Day Pass.

The Day Pass registration fee includes a Pizza lunch at the Dining Hall at noon."

The cost for day pass is  $15.    There will be over 600 different activities to choose from and will be a lot of fun for the boys, they are expecting 1800 attendants.  There will be a number of other patches available for the boys to earn and trade.  Here is the link from the council -  and this is the unofficial - Official web site - and facebook page -

Jonathan Ziehl

Assistant Cubmaster


October 8th Pack Meeting - Live Wire Presentation

Hello Pack Families,

This is a reminder of the Pack meeting this Wednesday, October 8, from 6:45-8pm at RG&E (1300 Scottsville Road, Rochester, NY).

It promises to be an electrifying presentation.

Please arrive promptly at 6:45.  Class A uniforms required.

There is no other activities/elements of the meeting besides the presentation, but Pack Leaders will be accepting:

1. Dues

2. Any popcorn money collected

3. Payments for the Navy Yard trip.

If you have already paid dues (or if you haven't yet, but will on Wednesday) and have not yet received the neckerchief, slide, or book, please let me know and I will be sure to bring them.

Your friend in Scouting,


Fall Campout Details

Cub Pack 341!  Welcome to our Fall camp out!

We will start at 3pm this coming Saturday, September 20th, meeting at the Youth Camping Area in Mendon Ponds Park, at the "top of the hill" near the flag pole.



Hike: 3pm-4pm (Scouts, Tigers and parent partners, pack leader)
Make camp: 4pm-6pm
Dinner: 6pm-7pm
Clean-up: 7pm-7:30pm
Campfire: 8pm - 10pm : skits and songs, US Flag Retirement Ceremony, snacks
Lights Out: 10pm


Breakfast: 8am-9am
Cleanup: 9am-10am
Free time/break camp: 10am-11am
End of Campout: 11am

The event will kick off with a hike right after we assemble (3pm), followed by making camp and dinner.  Expect dinner around 6pm.

Dinner: "Foil Dinners" (meat, veggies, spices in a foil bag cooked over open coals)

Breakfast: bacon and scrambled eggs, fruit

The Pack will provide: healthy snacks, fixings for dinner, makings for smores, breakfast food; canopies for cook area, tables for food prep, coolers, cooking gear, cleaning gear, fire tools, wood, etc.

Bring: a "mess kit" (plate, cup, knife, fork spoon, hot-cup/mug), water bottle, flashlight/headlamp/lantern, change of clothes, jacket/warm clothes, boots/sneakers/crocks, something to play with during free time (football, soccerball, frisbee, cards, etc.), bug stuff, rain gear, folding camp chair, tooth brush/paste, personal care items; pack or duffle bag for stuff; tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag (or blankets), sleeping pad or cot, pillow; (your own 'no-cook' food if you have specific dietary needs).  If you don't have a tent or sleeping bag please let us know.

Don't bring: a pocket knife for your scout if he is not at least a bear with a "Wittling Chip" certification, ipods, DS's, PSP's, radios, other forms of electronic entertainment (adults are welcome to have cell phones for safety/communication as needed, and pocket knives (but please do not lend them to uncertified scouts).

Do: put a plastic garbage bag over your sleeping bag/inside its stuff-sack, to keep your bag dry if it rains; same with your gear in your pack/duffle.


Here is a link to the camping area. . . 

See you on Saturday!!

Popcorn Sale Information


Important Dates

We Sell Popcorn by taking Orders between September 1 and October 24.

HAND IN your Order Sheets and Prize Selection to your Den Leaders by OCTOBER 24

Copies of Order Sheets required for Prizes $600 and up

POPCORN will be Available for Pickup at your Den Leader’s House about NOVEMBER 15-16

COLLECT Money and HAND IN to Den Leaders by DECEMBER 5


What we plan to use the money raised for:

  • Subsidize the Costs of activities - Trips, Pinewood Derby cars, Food at Events

  • Provide Awards, Patches and Pins to scout that earn them.


  • Boys select prizes based on sales level they achieve.  Prizes at lower levels can be combined up to the sales level achieved.

  • Sell over $400 and throw a pie in a leader’s face.

  • Top Seller gets to throws the Big Pie in the CubMaster’s face at June Picnic.

It is not just about Selling Popcorn, this is about:

  • Developing our boys to be confident communicators.

  • Develop Goal Setting and a Plan to Achieve their Goals.

Parent’s Role

  • Support your Scout in setting a Goal and following through.

  • Be available to get out and help your boy talk to people.  Encourage him to keep going.

Supports more than just our Pack

Popcorn Sales return 33% to the Pack and a similar amount to the Local Council. That funds resources at camps (Cutler, Babcock-Hovey, Massawepie) - Boats, BMX tracks for example.


This pitch works!  Practice it and try it.

Hi, My name is ____________________.  I am a Cub Scout with Pack 341 here in Pittsford.  We are raising money to pay for our scouting adventures.  (Like NAVY Ship Sleepovers, camping and Pinewood Derby cars).   You can help us by trying some of our DEEEE LICIOUS popcorn.  You will help me won’t you?  (SMILE and Nod Yes)


Product Knowledge

Scouts should look over the Order Sheet.   Nice Gift Tins this year.  Suggest their favorite flavor - like 3 Way Cheesy Tin or Chocolate Caramel Corn.


Popcorn Kernel

Tom Pinkham    Cell: 585-314-7763


Pack 341 Fall Campout

Join Cub Scout Pack 341 at our first camp out of the year - 3:00pm, Saturday September 20th to Sunday the 21st in Mendon Ponds Park.

This is a great first camping experience close to home. If your son is in 1st through 5th grade come join us for the day or stay overnight. The whole family is welcome. The Pack will provide a camp dinner and breakfast.   For more information or to arrange borrowing a Pack provided tent please contact Cubmaster Mike Scharf,

September 9th Pack Meeting - Welcome New Scouts!

Pack 341 is mustering for the first pack meeting of the school year on Tuesday, September 9th at 7pm in the Mendon Center Elementary cafeteria (downstairs). PARENTS and 1st to 5th Graders are invited to learn more. Kids will learn about our Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance while parents learn more about all our group's activities, and ask any questions. Just show up, or contact the Cubmaster, Mike Scharf at or 585-461-4722 for more information. Get an idea of the pack's plans for the year by reviewing the schedule.

Miscellaneous Pack Updates

2014 District Pinewood Derby results are in -

The Scout shop is moving, prior to the move they are having a 20% off everything (excluding advancements) sale Monday, May 12th to Friday May 23 2014.

Twilight Camp 2014 – Knights of the Roundtable.    Monday June 23rd thru 26th, from 5:00pm to 8:30pm.   NOTE:  This is NOT an overnight camp.

Red wings - Scout Sleepover 7:05pm June 28, 2014 -

Cub Scout Adventure Camp – 

Scout Days at Darien Lake – June 14th-28 one day tickets $17.99 - Promo code SENECAWAYS

Scout Days at Seabreeze – June 23rd through July 6th. $17.99 – NOT Valid July 4th buy online at Promo code 5901 -